Proud to be a pioneering high-end fashion brand accompanying Vietnamese women, Tele Actu is a brand that awakens the appeal of women.
With Tele Actu, every woman wearing our clothes is filled with a look of happiness, confidence in herself and living every moment in life to the fullest.

At Tele Actu, each “work” is cherished and cared for with great enthusiasm, inspired by endless sources of inspiration. Having spent nearly 2 decades on the journey of shaping a youthful and elegant style for modern women, Tele Actu has always emphasized applicability with top techniques and quality standards, above all providing a unique experience. The best customer experience at every touch point.


On that journey, we realized fashion has the ability to empower and satisfy women everywhere. Therefore, in addition to strict quality standards applied according to international standards, Tele Actu’s current designs aim for high applicability, helping Vietnamese beauty always be radiant and attractive in every situation. scene, suitable for the dynamic context of the new era. Over the past 15 years, Eva de Eva has existed with a system of more than 30 stores nationwide, accompanying hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese beauties, we are still aiming for more perfection every day to continue on. journey to shape a youthful and elegant style for modern women.

Tele Actu hopes that each “work” created will contribute to the confidence, happiness and enjoyment of life to the fullest for contemporary women.


To realize the vision of becoming a brand that influences women’s fashion trends in Vietnam and is the most preferred choice in the domestic market,
Tele Actu focuses on developing 05 core values:

1. Quality
2. Comfortable
3. High applicability (Versatile)
4. Fashionable
5. Elegant